Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 Deadline is December 11

  • Dec 03, 2020

The Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 provides financial assistance to growers impacted by the COVID pandemic. The deadline to apply for CFAP 2 is December 11.

All producers who “share in the risk of producing a commodity” are eligible to apply for CFAP 2. They must have an adjusted gross income below $900,000 and derive at least 75% of their adjusted gross income from farming, ranching or forestry-related activities. More in-depth information concerning eligibility and the application process can be found on the CFAP Frequently Asked Questions webpage and the CFAP 2 Fact Sheet.

CFAP 2 payments are subject to a per person and legal entity payment limitation of $250,000.  Legal entities — corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, trusts and estates — may receive up to $750,000 based upon the number of members (not to exceed three).  

To complete the CFAP 2 application, producers will need to reference their sales, inventory and other business records. Applicants do not need to submit their personal records, but should retain them in the event the County Committee requests them upon reviewing the application. Applicants may complete an online CFAP 2 application or CFAP 2 print forms. Payment rates, calculations and general CFAP 2 application information can be found at

Applicants in need of assistance can call 877.508.8364 for one-on-one support in both English and Spanish. Applicants also can view the “How to Apply for Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2” video as well.

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