Consumers Share Their Love of California Avocados on Social Media

  • Sep 20, 2021

Social media platforms provide the California Avocado Commission with creative opportunities to engage with existing fans and reach new targeted audiences while reinforcing key California avocado messages during the peak season. By posting relevant and interesting calls to action on its social channels, the Commission sparks conversations that fans in turn share with their own audiences, thereby increasing credibility and preference for California avocados through free word-of-mouth exposure.

Throughout California avocado season, the Commission encouraged fans to join top-of-mind conversations, share their own ideas and content, as well as answer prompts for an opportunity to receive giveaways from the Commission. Fans eagerly responded to open-ended questions such as “How are you celebrating California Avocado Month?” or “What is your favorite way to use California avocados in a dessert?” by sharing their own avocado go-to recipe and summer entertaining ideas. To encourage consumers to comment on a post and tag a friend’s social handle, the Commission would make suggestions such as  “Tag your California avo-squado in the comments!”

In other instances, consumers earned giveaway opportunities by responding to prompts such as, “We’re surprising 10 people who comment on this post with their favorite California avocado recipe for #NationalAvocadoDay!” thus building awareness of the fruit’s seasonality and encouraging sales of the fruit by providing inspiring recipes for consumers. When sharing CAC-created content on social channels, the Commission sought input from consumers by asking questions such as, “What are your top tips for lowering food waste?” — encouraging them to supplement ideas presented by the Commission with tips of their own.

By actively engaging with consumers on its social channels and encouraging fans to share California avocado content on their own social platforms, the Commission helps increase brand awareness, build brand affinity among new consumers, reinforce preference with existing consumers and ultimately encourage sales of the fruit. From June through August the California avocados Instagram account was tagged in more than 450 public consumer Instagram in-feed posts that live on a consumer’s public profile. On Twitter, the @ca_avocados page was tagged more than 630 times by consumer and partner pages. In total, California avocado social content that included a participatory call-to-action organically (unpaid) yielded more than 6,100 engagements and reached more than 42,230 fans.

A fan shared information about California Avocado Month and reinforced the fruit’s peak seasonality and freshness with compelling visuals.

A San Francisco fan shared a unique breakfast recipe with tantalizing fresh California avocados at the forefront.

This fan shared her excitement for California avocados by sharing a photo of a freshly opened fruit.

This fan, who has 104,000 Instagram followers, shared her spin on avocado toast using fresh, in-season California avocados.

A nutritionist and California avocado fan, created a quick recipe video for her followers highlighting her usage of the Golden State fruit for breakfast.

The Commission encouraged engagement on Twitter with a poll asking consumers what their favorite avocado breakfast go-to meal is.

The Commission encouraged Instagram followers to share their favorite ways to enjoy California avocados by offering a surprise California avocado merch incentive.

A fan on Twitter showcased the “perfection” of a ripe California avocado.

A unique California avocado display bin at Bristol Farms in Palm Desert caught the eye of a consumer who then shared the photo on Instagram.

This consumer was compelled to share an image of her California avocado sweatshirt while exploring a Ventura avocado grove.

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