Consumer Website Rebuild Will Streamline Maintenance and Reduce Costs

  • Jan 29, 2020

Since its refresh five years ago, the consumer website has garnered approximately 24 million page views and become an important hub for all California avocado content. The current website is housed on a software version that will soon be unsupported by the software developer and as of November 2019 the California Avocado Commission has begun to rebuild the website on a new software system.

The new software system was chosen because it can sustain future website development, it will support the same — if not improved — functions and it can provide user experience and design improvements. Because the new system is built on standardized frameworks with well-known code that is more common to software developers, the site will require significantly less funds to maintain, host and update.

The website will have a similar look and feel to the current website. As the new framework is developed, the Commission will begin the substantial undertaking of migrating existent content to the new website platform. Because the content management system will be more user friendly, it will require less staff hours to upload and refresh content.

This rebuild will allow the Commission to restructure the website’s data to better accommodate search engine algorithms and thus improve the site’s optimization and search ranking when targeted consumers submit online queries. Because all of the Commission’s marketing channels refer to the website, this will be an important advance for brand recognition.

The refreshed site is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2020 after the close of the California avocado season. The Commission will provide updates concerning the launch later this year.

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