Commission Signs Letter of Support for Passage of Farm Workforce Modernization Act

  • Mar 12, 2021

The California Avocado Commission has vigilantly worked with Congressional members to address the critical need for workable solutions to the agricultural workforce situation and plays an active role in the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform. In an effort to secure a stable and reliable agricultural workforce, the Commission has partnered with other agricultural leaders and organizations over the past two years to voice support for the Farm Workforce Modernization Act.

With support from ACIR, the Commission was able to help secure bipartisan passage of an FWMA House bill in November 2019 that was representative of collaborative efforts between agricultural employers and labor unions. The same bill, with minimal updates, was reintroduced on March 3, 2021 and the Commission has joined more than 250 agricultural groups in signing a letter urging passage of FWMA in the House.

The letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urges the House to address the current agricultural workforce crisis by passing legislation that provides a flexible and predictable agricultural worker visa program to ensure access to a stable, legal workforce and that establishes a means for current farm employees to earn legal status. The letter also elaborates upon current factors that threaten American farms and food security, including the challenges farmers face in light of COVID-19 and how the wage volatility of the H-2A program makes the program burdensome on farmers.

It is expected the bill will see a floor vote on March 18. The Commission will keep California growers updated as information becomes available.

A copy of the letter urging the House of Representatives to support the FWMA is available in the right-hand navigation.

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