Commission Showcases California Avocados at PMA Foodservice Conference and Expo

  • Aug 26, 2021

From July 21 – 22, the California Avocado Commission showcased the benefits and value of fresh California avocados on the menu to culinary and produce decision-makers at the Produce Marketing Association Foodservice Conference and Expo in Monterey, California. This event marked the first time in nearly two years the PMA hosted an in-person industry gathering.

As part of the two-day conference, the PMA hosted Buyers Sourcing Meetings where 22 “supplier” companies and 14 “buyer” companies were matched based on pre-even criteria. The Commission’s foodservice team met with five “buyer” companies, assessing each company’s unique needs and discussing specific CAC services and funds available to chain operators, including menu promotions and ideations sessions. Distributors also were provided with information about the value of CAC’s services that they could share with their chain customers.

During the PMA Foodservice Conference General Session, United Fresh’s 2020 and 2021 Produce Excellence in Foodservice award winners who were in attendance were recognized. The Commission’s foodservice team also had the honor of sitting with Jason Tingley of UCLA (the 2020 winner in the College and University category) and Matt Colgan of Mixt (the 2021 winner in the QSR category) during the session.

Following the General Session, the CAC team staffed the Commission booth where they enjoyed the opportunity to engage with attendees in person and discuss the California avocado season and benefits of including the Golden State fruit on menus. Commission staff was able to reconnect with established chain partners during the two-day conference to discuss new opportunities. Another critical benefit of participating in the Expo was the opportunity to establish new relationships with key chain operators and food distributors. During the conference the Commission secured 15 new contacts, sharing insightful information about CAC’s unique ability to support chains’ efforts to promote California avocados on the menu.

CAC foodservice team member Alexei Rudolf (right) discussing the California avocado season with Jason Tingley of UCLA.

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