Commission Shares Growing Advice and New Recipes with California Avocado Fans at Street Festival

  • Oct 22, 2018

The three-day Carpinteria California Avocado Fest, known as AvoFest, is one of the largest free festivals in California, with an estimated attendance of more than 100,000. The event features a huge vat of fresh California avocado guacamole made by Carpinteria high school cheerleaders, 75 music acts on four stages, a vast array of California avocado dishes and merchandise and an agriculture tent that showcases avocado history and care.

As such, AvoFest is an ideal event for the California Avocado Commission to share new recipe ideas that inspire thousands of fans to expand their usage of California avocados and enjoy the fruit in their beverages, snacks, desserts and meals. As a sponsor of the festival, the Commission tent had premium visibility at the entrance of the festival. Throughout the three-day event, long lines of fans awaited their turn to ask California growers questions about how to grow avocados in their back yard and to obtain California avocado recipe booklets, nutrition information, bumper stickers, magnets and avocado cutters. CAC staff, volunteers and board members Rick Shade, Gary Caloroso, Jason Cole and Randy Douglas were on hand to meet one-on-one with California avocado fans.

Festivalgoers could share their love of California avocados on social media by using CAC’s custom Snapchat filter to decorate photos taken at AvoFest. The filter, which featured California avocado imagery and branding, garnered 1,385 uses and more than 4,200 impressions during the festival.

The California Avocado Commission tent, located at the entrance to the California Avocado Festival, was very popular with attendees.

CAC Board Chairman Rick Shade talking with local and backyard avocado growers about growing practices.

David Cruz (CAC) explaining the different-themed recipe booklets and other California avocado materials available for attendees.

Dave Cruz April Aymami (CAC) having fun with CACs Snapchat Filter at the festival.

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