Commission Provides Targeted Retailers with New Digital California Avocado Communications Kit

  • May 28, 2020

The California Avocado Commission (CAC) prepared new digital Retail Communications Resource Kits designed to provide a variety of easy-to-access California avocado information that targeted retailers could share with their customers. The digital kits — which include everything from how to choose and use fresh California avocados, to delicious and nutritious new recipes — give retail dietitians (RDs), cooking school directors and marketing teams ready-to-use materials that can be used to support retail programs and initiatives.

The content for the communications kit was developed in winter and spring, in advance of the California avocado season. The kit is stocked with tips, versatile recipes, usage ideas, images and content that can be used at point-of-purchase and published on retailer websites and social media channels.

Resources include three new information-packed Superfood Spotlights with influencer-developed recipes and helpful tips that can be shared with retailers’ customers. The Plant Curious spotlight has been produced for the growing number of Americans interested in learning more about plant-forward eating. The Commission partnered with the Produce for Better Health Foundation to separate myth from fact about plant-based diets.

The Mediterranean Diet spotlight provides new recipes for an eating plan that is now recommended in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and by the American Hearth Association. The Commission partnered with Oldways to share insights into the healthful benefits of this dietary lifestyle.

Because there is nothing more all-American than buying local and grilling in the summer, the Commission produced an American Summer Holidays/Grilling spotlight. CAC partnered with CA Grown to share simple suggestions about shopping for and preparing summer’s bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, with a particular focus on grill-friendly recipes and tips.

By providing retail RDs and other retail communicators with tools that convey “why California avocados,” the Commission is able to convey key messages about the competitive advantage of the fruit, generate quality content for retail partners’ outreach programs and encourage purchases of California avocados.

The Commission’s online Retail Communications Resource Kit offers ready-to-use assets for retail outreach programs.

The Plant Curious Superfood Spotlight provides plant-forward recipes suited to a growing number of American adopting this eating plan.

CAC partnered with Oldways to share insights into the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

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