Commission Prepares California Avocado Retail Marketing Program

  • Mar 05, 2021

California Avocado Commission Retail Marketing Directors Carolyn Becker and Dave Anderson have begun calling on retailers, wholesalers and handlers to discuss promotional opportunities that will align the Commission’s marketing and merchandising activities while increasing demand for California avocados during the peak season.  

The Commission is focused on implementing programs with targeted retailers throughout the west and select retailers in other markets. To help lead the discussions and demonstrate the value of Commission promotional programs, CAC staff will share the 2021 California Avocado Marketing Program materials with retail decision makers. This compilation provides virtual meeting participants with data from the 2020 California Avocado Tracking Study, as well as samples of the season’s creative and point-of-sales materials. Discussions will focus on customized promotions including retail advertisements, retail coupons, social media advertising, in-store point-of-sales material (bins and signage) and produce manager contests and competitions. By partnering with sophisticated retail marketing departments, the Commission can help craft promotions based on the retailers’ in-depth knowledge of their shoppers and thereby target avocado consumers most likely to pay a premium price for California avocados.

The Commission will monitor the performance of retail promotions throughout the season by tracking seasonal sales, along with advertising impressions and click-throughs. Additionally CAC will monitor, the redemptions and transactions of coupons, comments, likes and shares of social media, as well as the final sales and transactions secured as a result of produce manager display contests.

The introductory page of the 2021 California Avocado Marketing Program materials.

Research from the 2020 California Avocado Tracking Study showing preference for California among those surveyed who have a preference.

Examples of this year’s consumer advertising campaign are shared with customers to demonstrate the support California avocados receive.

California avocado point-of-sale materials available to retailers.

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