Commission Pitches Fresh California Avocado Menu Items to Top Chain Culinarians

  • Nov 25, 2018

In preparation for the 2019 California avocado season, members of the California Avocado Commission’s foodservice team traveled to Miami, Florida where they met with culinarians of the top 201-400 ranked restaurant chains. The Global Culinary Innovators Association (GCIA) Culinary Combine is a popular, well-respected industry gathering that bring together R&D/Product Innovation, Corporate and Executive Chefs from restaurant chains and suppliers. CAC is a founding sponsor of the GCIA, and this year helped celebrate its 5th anniversary.

During the events, the Commission’s marketing team discussed the upcoming season and fresh California avocado men applications suited to individual foodservice chains.

The team demonstrated the versatility and value of California avocados by showcasing a California Avocado and Idaho Potato Causa Roll at the GCIA opening night reception.  The chef and others on CAC’s foodservice team were on hand to discuss returning and/or new fresh California avocado menu items on current partner menus and answer questions about recipe preparation and menu ideation.

CAC’s efforts to increase demand for and expand penetration of California avocados on the menus of these targeted chains led to nine new contacts, including:

  • Thunderdome Restaurant Group – Food & Beverage Director
  • Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant – Executive R&D Chef
  • Real Mex Restaurants – Director, Culinary Services
  • Boston Pizza Restaurants – Senior Director of Culinary/Executive Chef
  • Entertainment Consultants International – Corporate Chef
  • Grand Lux Café – Chef De Cuisine of Menu R&D
  • Sodexo Culinary Solutions – Director of Brand Management
  • Anjappar Bar & Grill – Executive Chef
  • Tijuana Flats Tex Mex – CEO

Only chains with a strong presence in the Western U.S. will be contacted and offered menu promotion and ideation opportunities with CAC.

Desmond Fannin of Sodexo proudly shows off his California avocado socks.

Dave Woolley, Tony Dornbusch of Thunderdome Restaurant Group and Alexi Rudolf enjoyed a break at the culinary events.

The versatility of fresh California avocado was showcased in a Causa Roll at the opening night reception.

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