Commission Launches California Avocado Site Locator on Website

  • Jun 14, 2017

Last year the California Avocado Commission (CAC) partnered with Tremor, a video network that runs pre-roll video across contextually relevant foodie content on selected websites. The Commission used Tremor’s technology to overlay web content with an interactive video that allowed users to find the nearest retail location with California avocados in stock. While the Commission is utilizing the same store locator video technology again this year, it has expanded the availability of the store locator by creating a permanent page on the website. This page houses a retailer and foodservice store locator that consumers can access throughout the year to locate where and when California avocados are available.

By providing California avocado fans with 24/7/365 store locator technology, CAC is making it easier for consumers to find the fresh fruit — thus encouraging sales of California avocados. An added benefit of the functionality is that it allows California avocado growers to be better informed about where the crop is available throughout the season.

The next time someone asks you where they can find fresh California avocados, encourage them to utilize the California avocado store locator!

CAC’s store locator is now available on the website, making it possible to locate where and when the fruit is available.

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