Commission Joins Celebration of the Hass Family and California Avocados

  • Jun 18, 2019

On May 18, California avocado fans at the La Habra Heights Avocado Festival celebrated all things avocado and honored Rudolph (“Rudie”) and Elizabeth Hass’ grandchildren and son-in-law. The California Avocado Commission joined the festivities, which took place in the town where the Mother Hass Tree was “born” in 1926 on the Hass ranch. All Hass avocados, no matter where they are grown in the world, trace their roots back to the original Hass avocado tree planted by Rudie.

The Commission exhibited at the event, sharing different usage ideas for avocados, nutrition information, CAC-branded giveaways and tips for backyard avocado growers. The event attracts thousands of California avocado fans and provides the Commission — and California avocado growers like Rick Shade who volunteered at the event — with an effective means of meeting fans, discussing new recipe ideas and answering their questions. It was estimated that more than 4,000 attendees were on hand at the festival.

U.S. House of Representatives of the 39th congressional district: Congressman Gilbert R. Cisneros, Jr., center, with descendants of Rudolph Hass. Photo by: Eric Alley

April Aymami discussing California avocado recipes with a booth visitor.

California avocado grower Rick Shade answering questions about backyard growing.

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