Commission Generates Pre-California Avocado Season Excitement on Its Social Media Channels

  • Mar 27, 2018

Throughout the months of January, February and March, the California Avocado Commission engaged with fans on its social media channels, generating excitement for the start of the 2018 California avocado season.

As fans eagerly awaited the arrival of their favorite California fruit in stores, they turned to the Commission’s social media platforms for updates about the upcoming season, usage tips and nutritional information about avocados. The Commission shared inspirational recipe ideas related to current trending topics on social media and encouraged California avocado fans to share their favorite avocado recipes.

The Commission also hosted a Facebook live stream with Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD. During the live stream video event, Manuel shared tips about incorporating avocados into meals to help improve gut health. Fans who commented and asked questions during the interview had the opportunity to win a three-month supply of California avocados and Manuel’s book Flat Belly 365. The live stream event generated more than 71,000 video views, 130,000 impressions and 800 engagements — including more than 100 comments.

In support of American Heart Month and the #WhatsInYourFruitBowl social campaign led by USA Pears, CAC shared nutritional facts and recipes that showcased ways avocados can be incorporated into a healthy diet. The content shared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as part of this campaign yielded more than 2,000 organic (unpaid) engagements and 55,000 impressions.

Posts such as this one educated fans about the two-year California avocado growing season while informing fans the fruit would arrive shortly in their local stores.

The California avocado growing season was a topic of interest for fans on Twitter.

On Instagram, California avocado fans voiced their excitement for the upcoming avocado season and shared their favorite ways to enjoy the fruit.

Manuel Villacorta MS, RD shared usage tips and recipe ideas while addressing how California avocados can help improve gut health.

The Commission celebrated American Heart Month with heart-healthy California avocado recipes.

CAC participated in the #WhatsInYourFruitBowl social campaign led by USA Pears with social media posts that showcased the good fats of California avocados.

Fresh avocados and pears were touted as a delicious way to incorporate more fresh fruits into a healthy diet.

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