Commission Generates California Avocado Buzz with Focus on Targeted Digital Video

  • Jul 20, 2021

To build excitement around the California avocado season, the California Avocado Commission crafted geo-targeted media pieces across a variety of channels — audio, outdoor, digital video and display, search, custom content and social media posts — for its targeted Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington retail markets. All these channels are useful in growing awareness of California avocado availability. This season the majority of advertising support was allocated to digital video based on the analysis of previous years’ advertising performance data and indications that Premium Californians prefer this media format.

The Commission continued to utilize its proven performing video partners Hulu, YouTube, PopSugar and Tremor Video and Viant networks this season to deliver California avocado-branded advertising content. The Food Network was added as a new streaming video partner as this channel has seen more than 25% growth in minutes watched versus the pre-pandemic era.

Unique shoppable Connected TV video ads on the Tremor Video platform showcased the online California avocado merchandise shop with a scannable QR code. Connected TV video ads can be placed on any device — computers, gaming consoles, Smart TVs, tablets and mobile phones — that can be connected to the Internet, providing the Commission with an effective means of reaching consumers across all screens.

Hulu is an impactful video partner to celebrate National Avocado Day on July 31. The Commission will run California avocado video commercials on Hulu with an expected 5.7 million impressions generated.

YouTube also continues to be a strong video partner exceeding benchmarks across the board. This season the highest performing :15 second videos have been the ads called ”kindness” and “hope”, which are performing more than 50% stronger than benchmarks to date.

Audio streaming channels Spotify and Pandora continue to figure prominently in the Commission’s advertising campaign. Premium targeted mobile audio ads will continue to run through Pandora and include a new unit — Connected Car — that allows California avocado audiences to access their Pandora music channels through their car when they are on the go. The Pandora advertising campaign generated more than 11.6 million impressions through May. The Commission also sponsored video, audio, desktop and mobile overlay ads on Spotify that are specifically targeted to avocado buyers and foodies, garnering more than 14.7 million impressions through May.

GumGum, another top digital partner, continued to outperform benchmarks with advertising units securing nearly 3 million impressions to date. In addition, videos and posts featuring custom recipe content on PureWow and Food52 have performed well across social media platforms and website pages. Both partnerships featured podcast sponsorships, another new initiative this season. PureWow also created a Custom Pinterest Generator with a quiz that encouraged readers to answer a series of questions to determine their ideal California avocado-inspired dish from a Pinterest board featuring 21 California avocado recipe pins.

The California avocado advertising campaign is rounded out with paid posts running across all major social media platforms including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Prominent billboards in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, as well as a high-impact double wallscape in San Francisco, ran through July 4 to catch the attention of consumers on the move. In addition, a custom hand-painted mural showcasing California “creativity” will remain posted near the entrance of the Venice Beach boardwalk throughout the summer, showcasing the Golden State fruit during the peak of the season.

This California Avocado Lobster Roll recipe showcased the versatility of the fruit on Food52, a platform where the Commission’s custom recipe content has performed well.

California Avocado Citrus Salad, perfect for summer entertaining, was featured on PureWow.

The “kindness” 15 second video has been a top performer on YouTube.

PureWow featured a Pinterest board with 21 custom California avocado recipe pins including this California Avocado Arugula Salad.

This lighted billboard with “the best avocados have California in them” creative was showcased in Los Angeles.

Visitors to the Venice Beach boardwalk have the opportunity to enjoy this hand-painted mural featuring California avocados throughout the summer.

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