Commission’s Trade Campaign Focuses on the California Difference

  • May 16, 2018

The California Avocado Commission’s (CAC) retail trade advertising campaign is an important means of building brand awareness and reinforcing the brand’s premium position. The new ad campaign was launched in March with an editorial feature showcasing the Commission’s programs in Produce Business’ Master of Merchandising issue. The editorial highlights CAC’s 2018 marketing programs, including social media and consumer campaigns, dietitian programs, heart-healthy recipe booklets, display bins and customized merchandising support. In addition, CAC ran a full-page ad in the publication featuring the season-launch headline: “The Details Are On The Inside.”

This year, ad creative consists of impactful graphics and simple messaging focused on the “California difference.” The campaign launched with the aforementioned “Details Are On The Inside” headline, and will be followed by “You Know the Difference,” as well as digital banner ads featuring these headlines and “Count On California During the American Summer Holidays” as well as “Nurturing Nature”. The ads draw attention to the fact that only California can make the American-grown claim for Hass avocados. This creative will be used in both print and digital ads and will work in tandem with the Commission’s public relations efforts throughout the California avocado season.

The CAC trade print ad campaign will be rounded out with trade ads in The Fresh Digest, The Packer, Produce Retailer, Produce News, Produce Business, The Snack, and Winsight Grocery Business magazines.

This year, for the first time in Commission history, media spend will favor a greater percentage of digital ads due to the changing media landscape. While industry leaders read both print and online publications, digital ads provide greater flexibility allowing the Commission to change its messaging throughout the season. Online digital ads will run in trade eNewsletters, including AndNowUKnow, Fresh Plaza, The Packer, Produce News, Produce Retailer and Winsight Grocery Business. In April and June, the Commission will run a custom branded article in Winsight Grocery Business.

CAC launched its trade ad campaign with an editorial featured in Produce Business’ Master of Merchandising.

The first ad of the season notes that customers and retailers know what the California difference is — and that’s why they look for the California label.

The “You Know The Difference” ads will be the second in the season-long series.

For the first time, media spend will be greater for digital ads in light of changing industry trends.

Impactful graphics and simple to-the-point messaging will be used by the Commission this year.

The third in a series, this ad focuses on the American Summer Holidays.

To close out the season, the Commission will showcase the quality of the only Hass avocado grown in the United States.

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