Commission’s Social Media Posts Reach More Than 2.2 Million at the End of Summer

  • Sep 05, 2017

As summer winds down, so too does the California avocado season. That said, fans may not be aware of the seasonal availability of California avocados, or may “forget” during the final heady days of the season. To ensure California avocado fans enjoy their favorite premium fruit before autumn returns, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) highlighted the closing of the California avocado season on its social media channels from the end of July through August. In doing so, the Commission reached more than 2.2 million consumers by sharing a variety of educational content, summer recipes and inspirational ideas for using avocados in new ways on its Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels.

To emphasize the seasonality of California avocados, the Commission shared educational blog content on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The posts showcased photos of California avocado groves, reminded fans the California avocado season was winding down and encouraged them to use the Store Locator to find California avocados nearby. These posts reached more than 523,000 California avocado fans.

The Commission also provided refreshing California avocado recipes perfect for the hottest months of summer in support of American Summer Holidays . Recipes ranged from light salads with international flare, to frozen avocado desserts. Facebook fans commented on CAC’s unique Chicken and Avocado Vietnamese Salad recipe, Twitter users celebrated #NationalPicnicMonth with fresh avocado toast snacks and Instagram followers shared CAC’s colorful fresh fruit salad recipe with their friends. The late summer California avocado recipes were a big hit with consumers — reaching more than 1.6 million social media users. Content supporting American Summer Holidays, like a Facebook post featuring a summer chow chow relish recipe perfect for hot dogs, has reached more than 10 million social media users this summer.

To demonstrate the versatility of California avocados, CAC shared content illustrating unique ways to use the fruit. CAC also engaged with parents by sharing a podcast on Twitter noting how parents can incorporate avocados into a baby’s diet. Overall, more than 73,000 fans engaged with the social media posts showcasing California avocado diversity.

CAC’s social media fan base has substantially increased, as has fan feedback and commentary. To ensure CAC can respond to fans’ comments, questions and messages in a timely, coordinated manner, the Commission acquired a community management tool that aggregates all social media mentions of “California avocados” — from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — into one place. This allows CAC to respond to fans and targeted consumers who are sharing content about the brand on their social media channels. In addition, the tool gathers all Twitter conversations about “avocados” and the “avocado industry” into one content stream, allowing CAC to review the online conversations and engage with users who align with CAC’s target audience even when they aren’t mentioning the California Avocado brand directly. In this manner, the Commission is better equipped to interact with all avocado fans, providing relevant and interesting content that will inspire them to check the label and purchase California avocados.

By providing consumers with such a diverse range of California avocado content, the Commission was able to capture the attention of more than 2.2 million social media users during the final weeks of summer. Since leveraging the community management tool, the Commission has seen a strong uptick in fan engagement. User replies on Twitter California Avocado brand content increased by 19 percent and comments on brand Instagram content increased by 83 percent compared with the previous reporting period. California Avocado brand replies on Facebook increased by a whopping 200 percent as compared to the previous reporting period.

Frozen avocado treats were a hit with California avocado fans during the hot, final weeks of summer.

The Commission shared light, fresh summer recipes with fans on social media while reminding them that the California avocado season was drawing to a close.

The Commission brought diverse uses of California avocados to the fore by sharing ideas for incorporating the fruit into a baby’s first foods.

Informative posts like this one about avocado oil helped the Commission engage with more than 2.2 million social media users in July and August.

The Commission shared links to The Scoop blog content with its fans to encourage them to learn more about their favorite fruit.

Fans were encouraged to use the Store Locator to find California avocados near them.

To support the American Summer Holidays promotion, CAC shared this chow chow relish recipe — the perfect hot dog topping at summer celebrations.

This easy-to-prepare summer salad was a fan favorite for California avocado fans.

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