Commission’s Retail Trade Advertising Campaign Targets Industry Decision Makers

  • Mar 26, 2021

The California Avocado Commission’s advertising campaign plays a critical role in sharing brand messaging with key industry decision makers. The media plan ensures high-frequency placement throughout the pre-season, height of the season and post-season. It targets a broad cadre of chain and independent retailers, wholesalers, growers, shippers, wholesale clubs, buying brokers, food service distributors and industry professionals. The ads are targeted to key decision makers, including; produce executives, category buyers, merchandisers, retail managers and store managers.

The highly successful “The best avocados have California in them” tagline and artwork will be used across both trade and consumer channels, establishing a synergy with both audiences. This season’s trade advertising campaign launched in the February issue of The Snack magazine with a distinctive two-page spread that included a die-cut “CA” wobbler piece that draws attention to the “CA” nestled within the “AVOCADOS” artwork. The season-long print campaign also includes full-page ads in The Packer, The Produce News, Produce Business, Fresh Digest and The Snack.

This year the trade ad campaign will lean heavily on digital channels, including email ads, trailers, videos, video sponsorships, custom eblasts, wraparound ads and podcasts. Twenty different digital ad sizes were created to fit desktop, website and mobile applications. Podcast, videos and custom eblasts are currently under development. Digital ads will run in The Packer, PMG Fresh, The Produce News, Produce Reporter, Supermarket Reporter, Fresh Plaza, AndNowUKnow, Perishable News, Winsight Grocery Business and the Shelby Report.

The broad and frequent reach of the Commission’s trade ad campaign helps support the sale of California avocados and encourages retailers to carry the fruit in season. The media plan includes 816 insertions and is expected to generate more than 36 million impressions.

This two-page spread in the February issue of The Snack magazine launched the California avocado season.

The die-cut “CA” wobbler pops off the page and draws attention to the “CA” in “AVOCADOS.”

This graphic illustrates how the placement of the “CA” wobbler enhances the avocado artwork.

Full-page print ads will appear in a variety of industry magazines throughout the season.

This leaderboard ad is a standard size for most digital publications.

The Commission designed more than 20 digital ad sizes including this square ad.

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