Commission’s Retail Trade Advertising Campaign Expected to Generate 36 Million Impressions

  • Mar 29, 2022

Each season, the California Avocado Commission prepares and executes a trade media plan with broad reach and frequency to keep California avocados top-of-mind with key industry members and buyers prior to and during the season. The 2022 retail advertising campaign runs from February through July, with some advertising support in October to showcase CAC’s activities at the newly named The Global Produce and Floral Show (formerly the PMA Fresh Summit). The ads — which are targeted to the buying and merchandising side of the industry including retailers, wholesalers, growers, shippers, and wholesale clubs — not only support the sale and distribution of California avocados, but provide educational content for buyers and store personnel concerning best practices when merchandising California avocados. The ads feature the compelling creative and tagline from the current “the best avocados have California in them” ad campaign.

As part of the retail trade ad campaign, the Commission has created a compelling, easy-to-understand infographic demonstrating how retailers can grow their sales when California avocados are in season. The infographic provides statistics concerning the increase in weekly dollar sales, consumer preference for California avocados and the increase in sales velocity during California avocado season. This informative asset is being used in both digital and print ads. The Commission’s digital ads link to CAC’s retail website page where the targeted audience can view the infographic, while the full-page print ads feature the infographic and include a QR code that links to the same webpage. To kick off the season, the Commission placed a two-page spread in the Snack magazine. A vellum piece was used as an overlay on the right-hand page of the spread. The ad features California avocados in a retail setting with the headline: Avocado Sales Grow When California Avocados are in Season! When the vellum overlay is turned over, readers can view the same statistics featured in the infographic demonstrating how California avocados can positively impact sales. In March, both The Packer and The Produce News ran California avocado advertising. In addition, the Produce Business Masters of Merchandising March issue featured a full-page ad along with a full-page editorial highlighting the Commission’s 2022 marketing programs designed to help increase retail sales and drive consumers to retail stores. In addition to running full-page print ads in the Snack magazine during the season, CAC will have ads in The Produce News, The Packer, Fresh Digest and Produce Business.

The digital ad campaign consists of a mixture of email ads, trailers, a video sponsorship, wrap-around website ads and a podcast. A variety of digital ad sizes suited for desktop, website and mobile viewing will run in The Packer, PMG Fresh, The Produce News, Blue Book Produce Reporter, Supermarket Perimeter, Fresh Plaza, AndNowUKnow, Winsight Grocery Business and the Shelby Report. In 2021, the Commission tested the use of podcasts with favorable results. Because podcasts remain a popular messaging platform for CAC’s targeted audience, Jan DeLyser, CAC vice president marketing, will be featured in an interview with an editor at Winsight Grocery Business in June.

Overall, the trade media plan includes 711 insertions expected to generate more than 36 million impressions, with 34 million secured by digital ads. Because of the Commission’s frequency of ad purchases and its long-standing relationships with many of the trade publications, CAC was able to secure $180,000 in added value free advertising.

The Snack ad features California avocados in a grocery setting to showcase in-season avocado sales.

The two-page spread in the Snack magazine features data below a vellum overlay that demonstrates the sales lift and increased dollars generated during California avocado season.

Full-page print ads include a QR code that links to the Commission’s retail webpage.

CAC will utilize a variety of digital ad sizes for optimal viewing on a range of devices, such as this leaderboard ad suited for desktop viewing.

The retail trade ads feature creative and the tagline from “the best avocados have California in them” campaign.

When viewers click on the “Maximize Sales” button in CAC’s digital ads, they arrive at the retail webpage featuring an infographic demonstrating how retailers can grow sales during California avocado season.

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