Commission’s Partnerships with Registered Dietitian Nutritionists Encourage Consumers to Purchase California Avocados

  • Oct 03, 2019

According to the International Food Information Council Foundation’s 2018 Food and Health Survey, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are one of the top trusted sources for nutrition information (76 percent of Americans age 65 and over and 65 percent of younger adults stated they trust registered dietitians). To provide consumers with relevant nutrition information about the benefits of California avocados, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) partnered this season with Liz Shaw, MS, RDN, CLT, CPT and Manuel Villacorta, MS, RDN.

The RDNs developed four new California avocado recipes that demonstrate the healthful versatility of the fruit:

To celebrate California Avocado Month, Liz Shaw took over CAC’s Instagram channel and shared an Instagram story demonstrating how to “Build Your Own” vegetarian bowl with fresh, in-season California avocados. In July, she again took the helm of CAC’s Instagram channel for the day and shared posts inspiring followers to incorporate California avocados into their lifestyle and personal meal plans. In August, she shared a post on CAC’s The Scoop blog entitled, “The Food That Fits Your Lifestyle.” The post encouraged readers to embrace the California style of cooking with fresh, in-season produce. She also helped consumers address the challenge of entertaining friends — with various dietary preferences — by providing readers with a variety of healthy California avocado recipes suited to any occasion and a wide range of eating habits.

Manuel Villacorta created a “gut health” video series that lives on CAC’s YouTube channel. The series addresses a variety of health issues and incorporates California avocado recipes, including:

As part of California Avocado Month, the Commission showcased Manuel Villacorta’s blog “The Benefits of Eating in Season,” on The Scoop and shared his corresponding video on the CAC YouTube Channel. The Commission crafted a Superfood Spotlight handout for Retail Dietitians using information from Villacorta’s blog post. The handout was provided to retail shoppers in June at a variety of cooking classes, in-store demos and tours and one-on-one nutrition counseling appointments.

As respected experts, the Commission’s RDN advocates share relevant California avocado nutrition information with consumers, while building awareness of the importance of eating fresh produce in season and selecting premium California avocados when shopping.

Manuel Villacorta, MS, RDN shared unique California avocado recipes and important nutritional information via his “gut health” YouTube video series.

Liz Shaw, MS, RDN, CLT, CPT, shared inspirational Instagram stories with California avocado fans, helping them incorporate the fruit into their lifestyle.

Liz Shaw provided nutritional advice, and California avocado recipes, for vegetarians on CAC’s Instagram channel.

CAC’s RDN Advocates created a California Avocado Loaded Sweet Potatoes with California Avocado Cilantro Coulis recipe.

Manuel Villacorta shared “The Benefits of In-season Eating“ on CAC’s The Scoop blog.

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