Commission’s New Welcome Email Series Surpasses Expectations

  • Oct 12, 2018

The California Avocado Commission’s (CAC) email newsletter, which currently has nearly 210,000 subscribers, is an excellent marketing tool to reach devoted California avocado lovers. To enhance California avocado fan engagement with the newsletter, the Commission launched a four-part email Welcome Series for new subscribers. Rather than sending one densely packed email to a new subscriber, the Commission shared four brief, engaging and informative emails introducing them to various facets of the California avocado experience.

The first email welcomed a new subscriber with an introduction to the brand and a sneak peek at key areas of interest — California avocado tips and tricks, recipes and avocado-related trending topics — that will be showcased in future newsletters. The second email provided subscribers with interesting California avocado facts highlighting the seasonality of the fruit, the history of Hass avocados and unique insights about the growing season. Next, new subscribers received an email showcasing fan-favorite recipes with links encouraging fans to explore recipes on the California avocado website. The final email in the welcome series encouraged subscribers to engage with the Commission by completing an 8-question survey. Feedback from the survey provided the Commission with important insights concerning the interests and questions of newsletter subscribers.

The Commission set specific goals for its efforts to grow and maintain the number of active newsletter subscribers:

  • Increasing the average open rate of the welcome email from 55 to 58 percent
  • Increasing the average click through rate (The percentage of subscribers who engaged with our email content.) from 27 to 30 percent
  • Creating initial benchmarks for the welcome emails and optimizing content strategies based on those results

The four-part Welcome Series surpassed expectations. The average open rate of the first email exceeded CAC’s goal by 20 percent — with the average open rate increasing to nearly 70 percent (a 26 percent increase from the benchmark). The average click through performance for the first email rose to 49 percent — a 78 percent increase from the benchmark.

Overall, the series had a 44 percent open rate and 17 percent click through rate. Social buttons remain the most clicked-on portion of the email with fans favoring Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram in that order. Recipes received 20 percent of the total clicks, while the survey garnered 42 percent of total clicks.

The success of the Commission’s four-part welcome email series, which will continue in the coming year, helps to build brand loyalty and awareness while providing consumers with California avocado content they find most engaging, interesting and educational.

Welcome Series Newsletter #1 provided an introduction to the brand and highlights key areas of the California avocado website for subscribers to click through and explore.

Welcome Series Newsletter #2 provided subscribers with an overview of the California avocado and educates them on the premium fruit.

Welcome Series Newsletter #3 shared recipe inspiration with subscribers and encourages them to spend more time exploring recipe options on the California avocado website.

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