Commission’s LinkedIn Page Provides Impactful Means of Communicating with Industry Members

  • Oct 04, 2021

The professional social network LinkedIn enables users to make connections with colleagues and businesses, learn more about their respective fields and share their experiences with their peers. To engage with professionals interested in learning more about California avocados, the Commission and the industry at large, the California Avocado Commission launched its LinkedIn page in March 2020, sharing pre-season, in-season and post-season content to maintain the visibility of Commission programs with key industry contacts. Since its launch, CAC’s LinkedIn program has doubled based on the number of followers, posts and engagements.

Key measures acquired from LinkedIn indicate the platform has been beneficial in enabling CAC to share relevant Commission and industry-related information with trade and business contacts. In particular, the channel has provided CAC with the opportunity to share its messaging, promotions and activities with industry leaders, category buyers, retailers, wholesalers, growers, shippers and foodservice professionals.

LinkedIn’s metrics have also helped the Commission determine what information resonates most with followers and new connections, and refine its posts based on that data. Some of the Commission’s top-performing content include the Women of CAC post, in honor of International Women’s month in March. The post received tremendous positive feedback generating nearly 1,700 impressions and more than 120 engagements. Additionally, a Commission video that featured the history of Hass avocados, California avocado seasonality and a behind-the-scenes look at the handling and packaging of the fruit, generated nearly 4,900 impressions and secured 65 clicks and 36 engagements. Lastly, the National Avocado Day post generated 48,157 impressions and 276 clicks. Posts showcasing the California Difference and the Winsight Grocery Podcast with Jan DeLyser, CAC vice president marketing, both performed well with 18, 495 and 38,865 impressions respectively.

As the only business-to-business social network, LinkedIn provides the Commission with a unique opportunity to build the awareness, loyalty and sales of California avocados through consistent posting of key activities, promotions and programs to show industry leaders, retail buyers and foodservice providers how CAC supports the sales of California avocados. Many of the LinkedIn posts feature customized infographics that feature actionable data and research insights from various CAC studies, providing CAC’s LinkedIn followers with relevant and impactful information that helps retailers promote California avocados on their website, social media sites, best food day ads and in-store.

The Commission’s LinkedIn metrics demonstrate the extent to which its social posts resonate with its business audience. Highlights from the program’s last 18 months are as follows:

The CAC LinkedIn page has gained a total of 597 new followers, for an average of 34 per month, resulting in an overall 231% follower growth rate.

Since March 2020, CAC’s 91 posts have received 466,146 impressions and more than 5,000 engagements. These posts reported an average click-through rate of 2.5%, above the industry average, meaning the audience was highly engaged.

Another 33 sponsored updates concerning grower information, retail marketing tools and foodservice-related topics garnered above industry standard (.44%-.65%)  click-through rates.

Posts covering relevant industry trends and news have generated the most engagement and feedback. These posts included the CAC Marketing Excellence Award, Bagged Avocado Trends and Sales and the Women of CAC posts. Overall, the post engagement rate remains above 4%.

Since the launch of its LinkedIn profile, the Commission has consistently been tagged in more relevant industry content on LinkedIn from the trade press, industry blogs, podcasts, executive chefs, industry professionals and avocado packers and handlers — an important trend that expands engagement with the Commission’s audience while building awareness for California avocados and the Commission’s marketing support programs across the industry.

CAC celebrated International Women’s Month by recognizing the Women of CAC, generating tremendous positive feedback in the process.

A Commission video featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the California avocado industry generated nearly 4,900 impressions.

This post featuring CAC promotions highlights generated 70 post clicks from grocery and produce buyers and category managers, as well as more than 9,000 impressions.

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