Commission’s LinkedIn Campaign Connects on a Business-to Business Level

  • Oct 20, 2020

LinkedIn is the only social media channel that specifically targets business-to-business connections. Users invite people they know and trust to become “linked in” to their profile, thereby linking the business connections of invited users and sharing information with one another on their individual LinkedIn feeds. This year, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) launched its own LinkedIn page in an effort to establish a new avenue of communication with key industry business leaders and share the Commission’s messaging, promotions and activities with retailers, wholesalers, growers, shippers, category buyers and industry professionals.

The Commission published its first LinkedIn post on March 5, with an additional 28 posts shared through September 24. Six additional posts will run through December 10. In October specific posts were created for the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) virtual Fresh Summit event. These pre-season, season and post-season posts helped maintain the visibility of California avocados and the Commission throughout the year with key industry professionals.

This first season on LinkedIn served as a test period for the Commission — an opportunity to determine how well its posts would perform and the value of connections established on the social platform. The key measures collected thus far indicate that LinkedIn is a beneficial means of connecting on a business-to-business level with others in the industry. The Commission tracked its various posts, video content and sponsored content (posts sponsored by a specific dollar spend to increase engagement, awareness or website visits) to determine what generates the most impressions and engagements. Highlights from the top-performing posts are as follows.

  • CAC announced activities at the United Fresh tradeshow on its LinkedIn channel. In addition, the Commission hosted a United Fresh Zoom presentation on June 15 that included a California avocado crop update, a chef demo and nutritional information about the fruit. The presentation generated a 10.34% engagement rate (more than double the 5% industry standard).
  • CAC’s July 31 celebration of National Avocado Day garnered 18,515 impressions and 227 clicks.
  • The August 6 “The California Difference” post generated 23,911 impressions and 86 clicks.
  • On September 3, CAC shared a video segment featuring California avocado growers. The post generated 30,722 impressions, 259 clicks and 243 website views.
  • In September CAC also announced the launch of its new online merchandise shop on LinkedIn, generating an 8.8% engagement rate.
  • Users were keen on the Benefits of In-Season Eating (14,943 impressions) and How to Freeze Avocados (12,550 impressions) posts.

In addition to posts on the Commission’s LinkedIn page, CAC staff members such as CAC Vice President Marketing Jan DeLyser were able to make direct connections to industry members through the platform. Thus far, LinkedIn has served as an effective means of connecting with colleagues and businesses while providing them with answers to their questions and helping them learn more about the California avocado industry. It also has played a key role in letting industry leaders and buyers know what the Commission is doing to support the sales of California avocados by showcasing CAC’s programs and promotions. Additionally it allows the Commission to share ways in which retailers and foodservice operators can promote California avocados on their websites, social media sites, in-store and with feature ads.

Currently, the Commission’s LinkedIn page has 498 followers with an average of 35 new followers per month. The total number of impressions this year is 124,468. CAC’s 5% overall engagement rate surpasses the average LinkedIn engagement rank of 2%, clearly demonstrating that Commission’s followers are interested in the content shared on this platform. Based on its successes thus far, CAC will build a new LinkedIn schedule of posts for the 2021 California avocado season.

CAC’s LinkedIn video post about California avocado growers had the best performance with more than 30,700 impressions.

This LinkedIn post showcased the California Difference.

The Commission showcased the launch of its new online merchandise shop and generated a nearly 9% engagement rate.

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