Commission’s Data-based Retail Strategies Drive Effective Category Management

  • Dec 22, 2017

The California Avocado Commission (CAC) has long relied on retail sales data to examine the California avocado market, as well as identify opportunities and challenges that affect sales of the fruit and to inform strategies, plans and programs designed to optimize grower returns. The Commission also utilizes that data to engage with its retail partners, helping them better understand the market conditions of the avocado category and the opportunities to improve their performance.

The Commission uses a collection of retail sales data, which comes straight from retail cash registers, and other data sets for a variety of purposes; garnering insights into the avocado category, measuring California avocado performance, building the Tiered Account program and assisting in the determination of which marketing activities to engage in. Commission staff monitor year-over-year and season-over-season performance including volume, sales and average price to gain an understanding of the marketplace. Other data sets help the Commission evaluate the effectiveness of its marketing programs and adjust them as needed throughout the season. By pairing retail sales data with AMRIC data and monitoring, comparing and contrasting FOB prices during the California season to imported avocados during the non-California season, CAC also can examine the impact on FOB pricing.

In order to excel, retailers need a workable understanding of the avocado marketplace, consumer trends and how their specific promotions are faring in comparison to the rest of market. To assist its retail partners, CAC’s Retail Marketing Directors (RMDs) examine data on retailer-specific activities and sales results for the week, month, quarter, year and California season. Using retailer-specific category management reports that detail current market conditions, RMD’s compare a retailer’s avocado sales performance to their market and assess the retailer’s promotions, then provide suggestions concerning how the retail partner can improve their performance. Depending on the needs of the retailer, RMDs may address frequency and timing of promotions, avocado sizes that are popular in the market, marketing programs, materials or social media initiatives that foster consumer engagement and retail purchase. The Commission’s RMDs also provide comparative analysis for retailers, outlining how their various regional divisions are performing against one another and against their market competition thus identifying challenges and opportunities for growth.

Ultimately, retailers manage their business based on the information they have available to them. By providing retail data and fact-based category management strategies for national and regional retail chains, the Commission continues to demonstrate its leadership and secure partnerships that support the California avocado market.

CAC Retail Marketing Director David Anderson (right) presents avocado category data to Mickey Owens from Kroger Wesco.

CAC RMD Connie Stukenberg shares a Commission fact-based sell sheet with Roger Schroeder of Stater Bros.

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