Commission’s Creative Consumer Media Plan Expected to Garner More Than 257 Million Impressions

  • Apr 06, 2022

To encourage demand for California avocados while building preference and loyalty for the brand, the California Avocado Commission crafts a consumer advertising plan that uses a diverse array of media vehicles to engage with, inform and entertain its targeted Premium Californians and avocado super users, mega users, and ultra users. For the 2022 media plan the Commission selected digital, outdoor, social media, video and audio platforms that mesh with the preferences of targeted avocado shoppers in California and the West who are willing to pay more for premium brands. They are running California avocado ads on multiple channels concurrently throughout the season. The Commission’s 2022 Screenshot Deck provides a visual overview of CAC’s advertising, with a behind-the-scenes look at the creative that will be used in the various promotions and the timing and placement of the ads.

California avocado social media content and search advertising generally run year-round to maintain brand awareness and consumer engagement. Audio ads are scheduled throughout the California avocado season and outdoor advertising takes place during the peak months of June and July. Distribution of custom content on targeted consumer media platforms, which began in March, will continue through August while customer-specific programs will round out the year with placements as the season winds down.

The Commission is continuing its successful “the best avocados have California in them” advertising campaign with creative placements across a range of media vehicles. Videos are being streamed on popular channels such as Hulu and YouTube as well as networks that are aggregators of multiple sites, such as Tremor video. California avocado audio advertising is on IHeart radio, Spotify and Pandora. GUMGUM, an aggregator network well-suited to reach CAC’s targeted consumers, features California avocado digital ads, while digital providers such as The Kitchn and Food52 showcase custom content featuring the Golden State fruit. To help consumers easily locate California avocados, the Commission is using the mobile directions app Waze to direct targeted consumers to retail store locations on their route where California avocados are available.

Outdoor advertising will include billboards and wallboards in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco. In addition, 155 Volta charging stations in high-traffic locations, including some in the parking lots of supermarkets merchandising California avocados, will remind shoppers to add the fruit to their shopping carts.

Engaging social media posts will run throughout the year on the Commission’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube channels. To reach younger California avocado shoppers, the Commission has launched a presence on the popular Tik Tok channel as well.

In total, the Commission’s creative consumer advertising campaign is expected to garner more than 257 million impressions across the diverse array of digital, outdoor, streaming and social platforms.

The Commission’s digital media partners for 2022 were carefully selected based on media preferences and habits of targeted consumers.

The best-performing ads, as well as some new assets, from CAC’s “the best avocados have California in them” advertising campaign will be featured this year.

Digital ads like this one will reach targeted consumers throughout the day on the Spotify audio channel.

Volta charging stations in high-traffic areas will feature California avocado ads similar to this mock design.

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