Commission’s Blogger Advocates Garner More Than 3.4 million Impressions

  • May 21, 2019

To satisfy California avocado fans eager for recipes showcasing new ways to enjoy the fruit during its peak season, the California Avocado Commission partners with a variety of blogger advocates who share creative, avocado-centric culinary ideas. By partnering with respected top tier influencers who share their preference for California avocados and encourage their fans to look for California on the avocado label, the Commission is able to expand its reach to additional targeted audiences during the California avocado season.

Each month throughout the season, bloggers engage with their fans by sharing mouth-watering California avocado photos, interesting articles and creative recipes on their blogs and social media platforms. To assist bloggers in demonstrating the versatility of the fruit, the Commission provides assigned monthly themes as guidance. For example, in March bloggers focused on brunch ideas and recipes, in April they showcased recipes that met various eating style and diet preferences (i.e., gluten free, paleo, etc.) and in May upgraded and elevated California avocados snacks were the chosen topic.

The Commission’s bloggers include:

  • Jen Nikolaus, Yummy Healthy Easy
  • Julia Mueller, The Roasted Root
  • Kylie Mazon, Cooking with Cocktail Rings
  • Whitney Bond, Whitney Bond
  • Alyssa Gagarin, Meal Prep Chef
  • Jennifer Lee, Kirbie’s Cravings
  • Elaine Gordon, Eating by Elaine
  • Danielle Kartes, Rustic Joyful Kitchen

The Commission’s partnerships with these trusted and credible influencers have provided outstanding results. In March and April alone, the bloggers garnered 1.8 million and 1.6 million impressions respectively. Engaging blogger avocado content helped generate excitement around the California avocado season and a sense of urgency among fans eager to enjoy the fruit while it is available.

CAC blogger Alyssa Gagarin shared eye-catching California avocado toast bar ideas perfect for hosting a brunch.

Danielle Kartes of Rustic Joyful Kitchen created a one-of-a-kind breakfast bowl recipe starring California avocados.

Kylie Mazon of Cooking with Cocktail Rings provided a step-by-step method to create at-home crepes topped with fresh California avocados.

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