Central Coast Water Board Approves Ag Order 4.0

  • Apr 26, 2021

Ag Order 4.0, which addresses waste discharge requirements for irrigated lands, is now in effect after being approved by the Central Coast Water Board on April 15. The Ag Order’s requirements are designed to minimize nutrient, pesticide and sediment discharges to surface water as well as protect riparian and wetland habitats.

Ag Order 4.0 includes incentives for:

  • The use of compost, organic fertilizers and cover crops to improve soil health, moisture retention and carbon and nitrogen sequestration
  • The utilization of nitrogen in irrigation water to reduce fertilizer applications of nitrogen
  • The formation of third-party programs to provide compliance assistance

Growers may comply with the Ag 4.0 requirements individually, or as a member of a third-party program.

The Central Coast Water Board will provide an updated compliance calendar, workshop opportunities and further details concerning Ag Order 4.0 in the near future. The California Avocado Commission will keep growers updated as more information is released.

Below are links to the approved Ag Order 4.0 documents.

For additional information, contact the Irrigated Lands Program staff at AgNOI@waterboards.ca.gov or 805.549.3148.

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