California Avocados Featured on Quick-service and Full-service Menus Through Spring and Summer

  • Jun 09, 2021

Foodservice chain promotions play an important role in establishing spring and summer as California avocado season by featuring limited-time-offer menu items that build awareness of the fruit’s seasonality and encourage sales. This year Del Taco and Denny’s are showcasing California avocado menu items that pique the interest of diners and create a sense of urgency to enjoy the away-from-home meals while they are available.

Del Taco units located in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington kicked off their spring and summer menus on April 29 with the return of the popular Chicken Guacamole Crunchtada topped with fresh-made California avocado guacamole. The promotion, which will run through July 21, showcases the California Avocados brand logo on the Del Taco website home page, on the Specials section for Crunchtada and next to the guacamole image on the Menus page.

Denny’s units throughout Arizona, California and Nevada began promoting the Cali Chicken Burrito with fresh California avocados on May 1. The promotion, which encourages diners to add fresh California avocados to any breakfast burrito on the menu, will run through September 7.

Del Taco’s Specials menu on its website features the California Avocados brand logo alongside a selection of the popular Crunchtadas.

Del Taco’s fresh house-made guacamole with California avocados is part of the chain’s LTO seasonal promotion.

Denny’s menu insert promotes fresh slices of California avocados on its Cali Chicken Burrito and as an upsell in any breakfast burrito.

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