California Avocados Celebrated at Grove Culinary Event and Street Festival

  • Sep 21, 2017

The Morro Bay Avocado and Margarita Street Festival routinely attracts tens of thousands of California avocado fans to the waterfront event featuring California avocado dishes, live music and local vendors.

As a prelude to the festival, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) sponsored the Friday evening Taste of the Grove culinary event at The Packing Shed — an intimate dinner nestled in a rural agricultural setting. The sold-out farm-to-table dinner featured produce from local farmers and unique, tantalizing California-avocado-themed dishes prepared by area chefs. Attendees enjoyed food demos as well as artisanal cuisine, beverages and live music. Sheryl Salazar, assistant produce sales manager for Albertsons/Vons was a guest of the Commission at this event and the festival.

California Avocado Commission staff and local California avocado grower volunteers provided festival attendees with California avocado recipes, nutrition information, bumper stickers and California Avocado Cutters. Throughout the festival, fans flocked to the Commission’s booth to ask questions about growing avocados and gain insights into how California avocados can be incorporated into meals and snacks. Nearly 12,000 people attended the festival, snacking on new California avocado dishes and sampling California avocado guacamole contest submissions while enjoying sunshine, live music and beverages.

Sheryl Salazar of Albertsons/Vons, Connie Stukenberg (CAC) and Dave Cruz (CAC) at the entrance to the Taste of the Grove event.

Sheryl Salazar with members of the CAC booth team at the festival.

Connie Stukenberg introducing California avocado grower Emily Miles to Sheryl Salazar.

Festival attendees stopping by CAC’s booth to pick up recipes, nutrition information and California Avocado Cutters.

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