California Avocado Summer Retail Promotion Highlights

  • Jul 29, 2019

Throughout the summer, the California Avocado Commission partnered with targeted retail partners to put the premium quality and freshness of California avocados in the spotlight, thereby encouraging sales of the fruit and building awareness of the brand during the peak season.

The Portland, Oregon consumer market is an audience keenly aware of sustainability, quality, agriculture and fruit commodity trends. In light of this, the Commission partnered with Albertsons Portland stores to showcase the California difference in avocados and demonstrate Albertsons’ commitment to quality and consumer needs. The Albertsons Portland division supported California growers during the month of June with a full-month Big Book ad for two-pound bags of California avocados. The promotion was extended to a fully integrated campaign that included a sales contest from June 19 – July 4 in conjunction with the ad on bulk and two-pound bagged fruit.

In June, all 28 Gelson’s Markets Southern California locations hosted a display and sales contest, promoting the local fruit with California avocado-branded display bins and custom signage with the California avocado brand logo. The in-store promotion was supported with posts on Gelson’s social media channels and an ad feature.

All 352 Albertsons-Vons-Pavilions (AVP) locations in Southern California showcased California avocados as part of their LOCAL Campaign featuring locally grown fruits and vegetables. The stores utilized California avocado display bins with custom decals showcasing California avocado growers Mike Sanders and Chris Ambuul to add impulse displays in and around produce departments. California Avocado Grower Scot Van der Kar was highlighted in hanging banners. California avocados were featured in ads during June and July as part of the LOCAL campaign, and influencer Brandon Matzek, from, showcased photos and a blog post from AVPs LOCAL grove tour of Rancho Santo Tomas on his blog. To round out the promotion, California Reed avocados were available in 27 Pavilions stores during the month of June.

To connect with southwestern consumers, the Commission partnered with Albertsons-Safeway in the Phoenix market. From June 10 – 23, Albertsons-Safeway ran a boosted social media campaign showcasing a California avocado recipe on Facebook. This post had the highest impressions of any post Albertsons-Safeway Southwest has run to date with the same level of funding. For a program covering the entire Southwest division, the customer expected to see a reach of 300,000; this campaign reached nearly 405,000, exceeding expectations by nearly 35 percent. “This campaign proved to drive customer interaction. The clicks, likes and shares for both banners is higher than we’ve ever seen on a campaign with a similar budget and run length,” noted the Albertsons-Safeway marketing team.

As part of the Commission’s partnership with Sam’s Club and Walmart, California avocado demos took place in 51 Sam’s Club locations in California on June 16 and 17. To generate excitement leading up to the 4th of July, 41 Walmart locations in California also hosted California avocado demos with co-partner Tajin® seasoning.

The California Avocado Commission’s support of retailers within California and in nearby markets demonstrates to them the value of California avocado quality and commitment, even in challenging crop years. By partnering with these retailers, showcasing their chains and helping consumers locate the fruit at partner retailers’ stores, the Commission helps encourage premium pricing and sales of the fruit.

California Reed avocados were displayed in 27 Albertsons-Vons-Pavilions stores to showcase avocado variety.

Albertsons Portland division hosted a sales and display contest leading up to the 4th of July.

Bulk and two-pound bagged California avocados were featured in June ads at Albertsons Portland locations.

Albertsons stores showcased complementary fresh fruits and vegetables alongside California avocados.

In the Phoenix market, Albertsons-Safeway’s California avocado recipe Facebook post exceeded consumer reach expectations by nearly 35 percent.

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