California Avocado Society Seeks Newsline Editor

  • Feb 15, 2017

The California Avocado Society (CAS) is currently seeking a Weekly Newsline Editor. This is an independent contractor position and compensation, which is paid monthly and dependent on the number of subscribers, is currently at $28,000 per year. Applicants should be a resident of a California growing area and not employed or directly/indirectly affiliated with an avocado packing or marketing entity (other than as an avocado grower).

Duties and responsibilities for the position are as follows: 

  • Compile industry data
  • Communicate with industry members
  • Draft articles and commentaries on industry issues, U.S. market conditions, trends and pricing
  • Publish the CAS Newsline on a weekly basis
  • Attend California Avocado Commission field meetings, board meetings and some committee meetings
  • Attend CAS board meetings

Interested parties should submit a letter of interest, resume and two (2) 450-500 word article samples. One article should address marketing and the other should address an industry issue.

For more information, contact Sawsan Knobel, CAS Executive Administrator at 949.40.8869 or

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