California Avocado Social Media Posts Keep Fans Engaged During the Off-season

  • Jan 12, 2018

Throughout the year, even during the off-season, California avocado fans are eager for new avocado usage ideas they can incorporate into their meals, holiday menus and share with friends on social media channels. To maintain engagement with fans year-round and ensure they have access to the California avocado-centric content they seek, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) shares educational and nutritional avocado information, avocado usage tips and innovative recipes on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media channels.

Some of the most popular off-season posts have been those providing usage tips on how avocados can be used as a substitute in baking. Two Facebook posts with paid promotion encouraged fans to use avocados in place of other higher saturated fats, for freshly-baked California Avocado Dinner Rolls and whole wheat chocolate scones garnered more than 109,000 impressions and 7,900 engagements. From the end of October through December, social media posts that provided consumers with tips on how to substitute California avocados in their favorite recipes reached more than 182,000 users across all CAC social media channels.

The Commission encouraged consumers to incorporate more avocados into their recipes by sharing recipes they could use to spruce up holiday and cultural events or everyday entertaining. In response to the Commission’s Facebook post featuring California avocado Thanksgiving recipes, fans shared their favorite family holiday recipes featuring the fruit and asked questions about recipe preparation and avocado storage. That post performed particularly well, garnering more than 6,800 engagements and reaching more than 63,000 users.

Guacamole’s popularity with American consumers makes it a great conversation starter on social media. CAC engaged with its Twitter fans by asking them to share what they thought was the most important fresh ingredient in guacamole (other than avocados). California avocado Facebook fans also weighed in on their favorite guacamole ingredient by commenting on a post featuring the perfect Thanksgiving guacamole recipe. CAC’s guacamole content reached more than 125,000 social media users and yielded more than 19,400 engagements via poll votes, likes, shares and comments.

For those eager to learn more about avocados, the Commission shared educational content about the California avocado growing process and the nutritional benefits of the fruit. Facebook fans virtually toured California avocado groves thanks to a video post showcasing the hand grown care and harvest process. And CAC’s #WednesdayWisdom tweet highlighted California as the major domestic producer of avocados.

This California avocado mashed potatoes recipe inspired fans to share their own California avocado Thanksgiving recipes on Facebook.

Posts sharing tips for substituting California avocados in baking recipes yielded more than 109,000 impressions.

This easy-to-prepare California avocado recipe was a hit with fans looking for a Monday recipe.

Instagram fans were pleased with this holiday recipe featuring roasted turkey and California avocados.

Twitter users were happy to share their opinions concerning the most important ingredient in guacamole.

Educational posts helped the Commission differentiate California avocados from avocados of other origins.

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