California Avocado Recipes and Photography Encourage Consumer Demand for California Avocados

  • Dec 06, 2020

Developing new California avocado recipes and stunning avocado beauty shots to accompany them are a highly impactful means of driving demand for the premium fruit. In the retail sector, shoppers most often “buy with their eyes” drawn to unique California avocado recipes paired with mouth-watering photos in point of sale and marketing materials. Likewise, the California Avocado Commission’s visually striking recipe section on remains the number one draw for visitors to the site. By piquing consumers’ interest with new recipes and fresh photography the Commission increases desire for the brand and ultimately encourages purchases of the Golden State fruit.

This season, the Marketing team crafted 48 new California avocado recipes and generated 158 photos. A total of nine new recipes and 22 photos were developed in partnership with the Commission’s Living Well Brand Advocates. Each of the nutritious recipes were designed to appeal to popular dietary lifestyles, including two recipes that — using the same ingredients and with slight adjustments — provided consumers with two meal options. A California avocado steak sandwich can be prepared as a steak salad; likewise California avocado granola bars can instead be made into sticky toffee bars — thereby transforming a breakfast or snack into a dessert.

Early in the season, the Commission secured 16 photos including whole/cut fruit shots, as well as grilling and Mediterranean Diet photos to accompany on-trend usage ideas for trade and online marketing purposes. The Commission’s Public Relations program also worked with chef partners who developed seven satisfying and visually appealing recipes that were photographed just prior to pandemic-related closures. In addition, throughout the 2019-20 season consumer blogger partners developed and posted numerous California avocado recipes and photos to their channels and websites.

Pivoting programs in response to COVID-19 and heightened needs for recipes and California avocado beauty shots for use at retail, a major retail-friendly recipe development and photo shoot project was executed virtually. Considering retailer recipe needs, including use in product demonstrations and cooking events that are expected to return post-pandemic, CAC developed recipes that are high in produce, use few ingredients and are simple to prepare. With the pandemic still raging, it was not possible for CAC staff to attend photo shoots in person. To maintain the continuity of their businesses, some photographers set up the technology for clients to view photo shoots remotely, which is what CAC did, providing guidance on matters such as avocado shape and color, prop selection and recipe preparation.

CAC produced a deep cache of recipes and photos covering everything from omelets to pies, salads to grilled dishes, guacamole and dip spreads, air fried avocados and a California avocado charcuterie board.

By creating new recipes and photography, the Commission expanded its catalogue of assets that can be used during the 2020-21 California avocado season and beyond. This season’s expansive recipe and photography development initiative provided an important refresh that will encourage repeat visits to the consumer website, expand fans’ perception of California avocado usage and pique shoppers’ interest in the years to come.

The Commission’s Living Well Brand Advocate showcases grilled avocados, a hot trend, with sweet potato in a tasty salad loaded with nutrition.

Another versatile recipe application yielded California Avocado Granola Bars or California Avocado Sticky Toffee Bars.

Nutritious Deviled California Avocados are simple to prepare.

The new recipes showcase California avocados’ versatility — from charcuterie boards to a range of dips and spreads.

The Keto Air Fryer California Avocado Fries with Romesco Sauce provides retailers with an on-trend usage idea.

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