California Avocado Peak Season Social Media Posts Garner Millions of Impressions

  • Jul 20, 2019

Throughout May and June the California Avocado Commission (CAC) piqued the interest of California avocado fans with new recipes, engaging content and behind-the-scenes grower videos posted to its social media channels and shared in email newsletters. The integrated social media and digital activities were targeted to CAC’s premium California and avocado super user audiences, encouraging them to seek out and purchase-in season California avocados.

Content focused on key in-season messaging that showcased California avocado growers, the benefits of fresh and local fruit, the versatility and nutrition of avocados and the California avocado difference. CAC’s May and June social content yielded more than 2 million impressions to date with more than 200,000 video views on social channels. Overall, the California avocado grower videos performed well across the Commission’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. Comfort recipes with a California avocado twist performed especially well on Instagram.

The Commission created a series of California avocado-branded illustrated GIFs (animations) for Instagram, a social platform centered on sharing compelling photography and videos. Because the GIFs were designed around popular social topics — such as California Avocado Month, brunch, avocado toast — Instagram users were eager to add these branded stickers to the photos in their personal Instagram feeds. Instagram users could easily find and use California Avocado Month CAC stickers by searching relevant key phrases (California, avocados, fresh) on Instagram’s GIPHY platform. The Commission’s GIFs have been viewed more than 8 million times to date with California Avocado Month GIFs viewed more than 1.2 million times since their release in late May.

To encourage consumers to expand their usage of California avocados and seek out the in-season fruit, the Commission distributed timely email newsletters highlighting versatile recipes, avocado tips and the website Store Locator tool. A special 4th of July email showcased California-avocado themed recipes perfect for holiday festivities. The email newsletters were distributed to more than 220,000 consumers with the June emails averaging around a 30 percent open rate — significantly higher than the industry average open rate of 15 percent.

The combined social media posts and digital newsletter content, seen by millions of targeted California avocado fans, is a significant means of encouraging peak season brand awareness and inspiring consumers to purchase California avocados when in stores.

California avocado grower videos performed well across CAC’s social media channels.

California avocado-themed comfort recipes performed well on CAC’s social channels, especially Instagram.

The Commission’s email newsletter provides consumers with information on seasonal availability and inspirational recipes — with 4th of July a big focus for American Summer Holidays.

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