California Avocado Multi-platform Social Media Programs Pique Interest of Retail Partners’ Shoppers

  • Jul 09, 2021

Social media posts play an important role in building awareness around the availability of California avocados at local retailers throughout the season. To capitalize on the effectiveness of these platforms, the California Avocado Commission launched a multi-platform social media program with California avocado posts shared across the Commission’s social and digital platforms, as well as those of its key retail partners.

The Commission’s Retail Marketing Directors helped targeted retailers align California avocado promotional activities taking place at their stores with coordinated social media programs. These programs build awareness of the fruit’s availability at their stores and drive sales. CAC planned, developed and implemented a variety of multi-platform social media programs unique to each targeted retailer that could be shared on the retailer’s various digital and social platforms. In addition, the Commission crafted complimentary social and digital advertisements for these key accounts. These assets were then shared on the Commission’s social platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to promote the availability of the fruit at the retail partners’ locations. The promoted posts also were linked to the “store locator” available on the website to ensure consumers could easily find avocados at a retail store closest to them.

Social media support was provided to a wide range of the Commission’s retail partners. To support CAC’s “First of Season” promotion, Gelson’s created and posted a social media campaign featuring a California Avocado Steak Sandwich recipe created by CAC Living Well Brand Advocate Manuel Villacorta. During Cinco de Mayo, Mollie Stone’s created a social media campaign for their Instagram and Facebook platforms, as well as the Mollie Stone’s blog. Each of the posts featured CAC’s Three-Way California AvoTacos with a mouth-watering photo of the recipe. Raley’s kicked off California Avocado Month by sharing a California avocado beauty image and copy provided by the Commission on their Instagram channel. The Commission supported each of these retailer social media initiatives by sharing posts on CAC’s social platforms that encouraged California avocado fans to visit the retailers’ locations for the peak-season fruit.

The social media activities, which kicked off in March and will continue throughout the season, have garnered 100,000 impressions thus far. By providing retailers with social media support the Commission is able to promote availability of the fruit, drive consumers to retail partner stores and leverage the communications power of third-party advocates who share key California avocado messaging, recipes, usage and versatility ideas across their websites, enewsletters and social media channels.

CAC Living Well Brand Advocate Manuel Villacorta’s California Avocado Steak Sandwich was featured on Gelson’s social media platforms.

This post featured a recipe attributed to the California Avocado Commission and was shared on Mollie Stone’s Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as the retailer’s blog and website.

Raley’s celebrated California Avocado Month on Instagram.

The Commission created and shared this complimentary Instagram post to announce California avocado availability at Albertsons, Vons and Safeway, with similar posts shared on behalf of Save Mart, Raley’s, Gelson’s and Bristol Farms.

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