California Avocado Month Public Relations and Outreach Campaign Generates 106 Million Impressions

  • Aug 08, 2020

California Avocado Month celebrates the versatility and freshness of premium California avocados at the height of the season. To generate excitement about the availability of the fruit, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) leveraged the creativity of celebrated chefs and top-tier bloggers to showcase California avocados in a variety of dishes and recipes that incorporate unique preparation techniques and culinary trends.

The Commission planned to kick-start the month-long celebration with an in-person media and influencer preview event on May 18. When the event was cancelled due to COVID-19, the Commission specially delivered a stunning eight-course California avocado-centric meal — created by Vespertine Chef Jordan Kahn — to 18 top Los Angeles media and influencers, including those at Eater LA, Parade, Sunset Magazine and POPSUGAR.

Chef Kahn, Chef Brad Cecchi (Canon in Sacramento, CA), Chef Caroline Glover (Annette in Aurora, CO) and Chef Charleen Badman (FnB in Scottsdale, AZ) partnered with the Commission to predict unique culinary trends and incorporate those trends into custom recipes. The up-and-coming West Coast chefs featured these one-of-a-kind culinary creations in limited time offer menus at each of their renowned restaurants throughout the month of June.

The Commission also recruited 13 influential bloggers to develop recipes, starring California avocados, utilizing unique preparation and cooking techniques. The recipes, accompanied by high-quality photography and detailed personal storytelling, were published throughout California Avocado Month.

By conducting media/influencer outreach, developing content by respected bloggers and sharing creative California avocado recipes that encouraged consumers to prepare the fruit in new ways, CAC generated excitement around the fruit during peak season. Through traditional and social media coverage, as well as the distribution of a press release and mat release, California Avocado Month resulted in 93 million impressions, and an additional 13 million impressions from CAC’s blogger partnerships.

Deviled California Avocados, created by Chef Brad Cecchi, highlighted the unique trend of inside-out avocado toast.

Chef Caroline Glover created a Grilled Flatbread with Herbed California Avocado Hummus, Carrots and Pickled Shallots recipe for the increasing number of consumers interested in grilling avocados.

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