California Avocado Merchandise Shop Holiday Promotions Garner Double and Triple-digit Sales Increases

  • Jan 22, 2021

With more consumers likely completing their holiday shopping online this year due to COVID, the California Avocado Commission ran engaging social and digital promotions featuring California avocado merchandise available exclusively at its online shop. The promotions were timed to coincide with key holiday shopping events and featured special merchandise codes to help budget-conscious consumers secure a percentage discount on their purchased items.

The first California avocado merchandise shop holiday campaign — “Green Friday” — was launched on the Commission’s social media channels during the key selling moments immediately following Thanksgiving: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The visually striking posts featured photos of the online shop’s most popular items and a GREENFRIDAY 15% discount code. Paid social support targeted toward Premium Californians was leveraged on Instagram and Facebook to increase reach. The Commission also encouraged its email newsletter subscribers to browse the e-commerce site to find gift items for the California avocado lovers in their lives.

The Green Friday social posts reached more than 748,000 people, earned 450 engagements and 575 link clicks to the shop. The promotional email had an average open rate of 34%, well beyond the industry average of 23%, and secured 686 clicks to the online store. During the Green Friday promotional period (November 25 – December 1) the number of orders placed increased by 43% and total sales increased by 114% as compared to CAC’s weekly base sales metrics.

The second promotional push — “Deck the Hass” — coincided with shipping timelines to ensure any orders placed during December 9 – 14 would arrive in time for Christmas. The digital posts also offered consumers a 15% discount upon entering the DECKTHEHASS promo code in their shopping cart. To help holiday shoppers find the perfect gift, the Commission created an Instagram Story gift guide showcasing various shopper personas and California avocado merchandise suited for each of them. For example, one post recommended stickers, a tote bag and an Avocado Dreamin’ hoodie for The Creative Californian persona.  

The Deck the Hass promotion reached more than 884,000 people and secured 500 engagements and 715 link clicks to the merchandise shop. The number of orders and total sales both rose by 57% in comparison to weekly base sale metrics.

The shop also was promoted via a custom content partnership with POPSUGAR, a premium female lifestyle site. A custom article on the site featured beautiful photography of various merchandise items with bold, interactive designs and witty copy written by the POPSUGAR editorial team. The colorful, eye-catching images also were shared on POPSUGAR’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest channels. Overall, the partnership delivered 3.4 million impressions and 18,000 clicks driving consumers directly to the online store. The Facebook post, in particular, resonated with consumers garnering a .15% click-through-rate, which was three times POPSUGAR’s previous benchmark.

The robust holiday sales of California avocado merchandise will help expand brand awareness and loyalty throughout the year as consumers showcase their favorite branded merchandise at home, in public and on their social media channels.

The Commission encouraged California avocado fans to take advantage of the GREENFRIDAY sale via its email newsletter.

Facebook posts invited consumers to visit the online store to find the perfect California avocado holiday gift and save 15%.

Instagram DECKTHEHASS posts showcased some of the most popular California avocado merchandise.

The California avocado merchandise shop was featured in Instagram stories during the second promotional holiday push.

Instagram Story Gift Guides helped inspire holiday shoppers looking for the perfect gift.

Custom photography combined beautiful color elements with California avocado merchandise to engage the POPSUGAR audience.

This photo, which captures the vibrancy of this California Lovin’ Crew Neck, was showcased on POPSUGAR’s social platforms.

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