California Avocado Grove Media Tour Connects with Media and Influencer Audience

  • Jul 10, 2018

From June 8 – 10, media members, influencers and supermarket dietitians from around the country joined the California Avocado Commission (CAC) in  San Diego County to learn firsthand about the care provided by growers, the technology utilized by handlers and packers, and the versatility and nutritional value of the fruit.

Guests participated in a grove-to-plate weekend experience that included a private grove tour hosted by California avocado growers Chris Ambuul and Mike Sanders. They also visited West Pak Avocado’s packing house for a tour of the care taken when packing, ripening and shipping California avocados. During a private lunch nestled in the Rancho Santo Tomas avocado grove, up-and-coming chef Jonathan Bautista shared some of his favorite — and most creative — California avocado dishes while discussing the nutritional merits of the fruit.

Present at the tour were Corey Marshall and Randolph Mansterdam of Miss Foodie Problems; Veronica Sooley Pugh of AAA Via; Lucia Peters of Bustle; Margaret Eby of Extra Crispy; Alexa Weibel of Rachael Ray Every Day; Jessica Hamlin, Freelancer; James Bartlett, Freelancer; Tanaya Ghosh of Tanaya’s Table; Erin Alderson of Naturally Ella; Brian and Christina Champlin of We Like LA; Kayla Webb of And Now U Know; Marieke Hemmes of Fresh Plaza; Daniella Malfitano, Freelancer, Author, Host ; Kara Behlke of Schnucks (Nutritionist); Sarah Butterfield of PCC Markets (Nutritionist); Niki Kangas of Raley’s (Nutritionist); and Sarah Wright of Gelson’s (Nutritionist).

Throughout the tour, participants shared their California avocado enthusiasm, experiences and impressions on their social media channels. To date, the tour garnered more than 730,000 traditional media impressions, nearly 714,000 social media impressions and more than 9,600 engagements. Overall, the California avocado grove tour captured more than 1.4 million impressions.

Media attendees (left to right: Corey Marshall, Tanaya Ghosh, Veronica Sooley-Pugh and Sarah Wright) snap a few photos during a West Pak Avocado, Inc. tour.

California avocado growers, Chris Ambuul and Mike Sanders share their background and the history of Rancho Santo Tomas while answering questions from media attendees.

California avocado grower, Chris Ambuul highlights a California avocado’s journey to maturity as well as the delicate hand picking process to the group of media attendees.

California Avocado Commission’s Vice President Marketing, Jan DeLyser, reveals next year’s harvest of California Avocados.

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