California Avocado Fans Share Their Love for Avocados

  • Mar 07, 2014

The California Avocado Commission (CAC) continues to engage avocado lovers with daily updates on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. By actively interacting with avocado fans throughout the year, the Commission creates awareness for avocados from California even when they are not in season, helping drive demand for the brand when the avocado season starts.

The beauty of social media is that not only does the Commission share avocado-centric, engaging content, but that avocado fans in turn share with everyone why they love the fruit. Fans continually tweet, pin and share their favorite recipes from CAC as well as photos of avocado-inspired meals, thus increasing the reach of the California avocado brand through personal endorsements.

The Commission’s prominent presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram has earned CAC a Klout Score on par with major corporations such as Nestlé. The Klout score measures the size of CAC’s social media network and correlates CAC’s content with how users interact with that content. In the month of February alone, the Commission noted the following highlights on its various social media channels:

  • Twitter — Fans on Twitter and Facebook showed their deep devotion to California avocados by participating in CAC’s second annual Valentine’s Day contest, “Ode to Avocados.” Followers shared more than 70 witty avocado-inspired poems and tweets that kept fans entertained all month.
  • Facebook —This month Facebook fans demonstrated just how much they loved the California Avocado Thai Coleslaw recipe with almost 2,000 likes and 727 shares. These numbers demonstrate deep engagement with California avocado-loving fans that appreciate the meaningful content being provided on social media.
  • Instagram — The Big Game is always a favorite avocado-snacking occasion, and CAC’s fans were not shy about how much they like California avocados! The most popular Big Game Instagram post was a guacamole feature that earned more than 820 likes and 21 comments.
  • Pinterest — The guacamole theme was popular on Pinterest as well, with followers sharing CAC’s guacamole recipes and pins more than any others.
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