California Avocado Fans Celebrate the Fruit at Morro Bay Festival

  • Sep 20, 2019

The California Avocado Commission joined nearly 12,000 California avocado fans at the Morro Bay Avocado and Margarita Festival held along the picturesque waterfront on September 7. The event provides the Commission with an opportunity to provide fans with new California avocado recipes and usage ideas, nutrition information, CAC-branded avocado cutters, bumper stickers and magnets while answering their questions about growing the fruit and more.

As a title sponsor of the event, the California Avocado brand logo was prominently featured on the festival website, signage and event handout —building awareness of the California avocado premium brand at this popular northern California festival. The event included live music, a variety of vendors showcasing California avocado menu items, contests, a raffle to win a year’s supply of California avocados, an avocado art class and family-friendly activities.

CAC provided California avocado-branded items and new recipe ideas to festival attendees.

Local California avocado growers and CAC staff were on hand to answer fans’ questions about growing avocados in their backyard.

The California Avocado brand logo was featured on the dual-purpose festival map/menu that was handed out by “Avocado Ambassadors.”

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