California Avocado Commission Garners more than 377 Million Online, Print and Broadcast Media Impressions

  • Aug 28, 2017

Throughout the California avocado season, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) shares a wide range of content across online, print and broadcast channels to promote the seasonality of fresh, premium California avocados and their versatility in a variety of dishes, meals and recipes. As part of the Commission’s public relations campaign, various media outlets shared content that lauded the Commission as a trusted avocado expert, associated California avocados with state history and a California lifestyle as well as featuring California avocado recipes as quintessential summer holiday celebration must-haves.

At the start of the season, CAC partnered with Compartés — a trendy, premium chocolatier — to develop the first chocolate bar to incorporate California avocados. The White Chocolate and California Avocado Bars were sold online and in Compartés boutique stores from late April through June. The bar was hailed in the media and noted as one of the best bridal show favors by Good Housekeeping magazine.

The Commission also engaged in real-time consumer conversation on social media and digital channels to position itself as an avocado expert. In May, for example, “Avocado Hand” — injuries resulting from slicing avocados — became a trending topic. The Commission seized the opportunity to promote its safer “knick and peel” method and drive traffic to for more avocado handling tips. The online publication PopSugar cited CAC’s method as a means of safely slicing the fruit and cited CAC as a trusted expert.

In addition, throughout the season CAC responded and contributed to media stories that positioned California avocados as an ideal culinary ingredient for summer meals, snacks and celebrations. Media outlets showcased unique California avocado recipes for summer entertaining and even celebrated La Habra Heights as the birthplace of the “greatest of all avocados” — the California Hass avocado.

As a result, CAC’s combined PR efforts resulted in more than 377 million online, print and broadcast impressions by July 30.

Good Housekeeping included Compartes’ White Chocolate and California Avocados Bar as one of the best bridal shower favors.

When “Avocado Hand” became a trending topic, PopSugar cited CAC as a trusted avocado expert and featured the recommended “knick and peel” method to safely slice the fruit. featured CAC’s Chunky California Avocado Guacamole as the quintessential.

LA Magazine celebrated California as the birthplace of the famous Hass avocado variety .

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