CAC Joins Nearly 100,000 California Avocado Fans at Carpinteria Festival

  • Oct 27, 2017

From October 6 – 8, more than 100,000 California avocado fans celebrated the locally grown fruit at the 31st Annual California Avocado Festival, known as AvoFest. The event is one of the largest free festivals in the state and featured 75 musical acts and huge vats of fresh California avocado guacamole made by Carpinteria High School cheerleaders. Attendees sampled a wide range of California avocado dishes at various stands during the three-day event, purchased avocado merchandise and visited the ag tent to learn about California avocado history.

California Avocado Commission (CAC) staff and an array of CAC Board Members — including Rick Shade, Art Bliss, Bryce Bannatyne, Robb Bertels, Jessica Hunter and Bradley Miles — worked in the CAC tent. Trish Shade, Emily Miles, handlers and local growers also volunteered their time. The volunteers provided attendees with California avocado bumper stickers, recipes, avocado cutters and nutrition information. They also answered questions posed by local and backyard avocado growers.

Attendees also shared California avocado branded photos with their friends on social media by using the Commission’s Snapchat filter.

The California Avocado Commission tent, located at the entrance to AvoFest, was very popular with attendees. Board member Art Bliss volunteered to help.

CAC Board Members Jessica Hunter and Bryce Bannatyne talked with local and backyard avocado growers providing information about growing practices.

Consumers who visited CAC’s booth could use the California Avocado Snapchat filter.

Trish Shade demonstrates how to use a California avocado cutter.

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