CAC Issues Late-Season 2021 Crop Update

  • Jul 30, 2021

In early July the California Avocado Commission surveyed California handlers in an effort to better understand the total volume of the 2021 crop expected, and more importantly the volume that would be harvested for the later part of the season. Based on responses to the survey, CAC has issued an updated 2021 crop volume of 250 million pounds (all varieties) and has adjusted the weekly harvest projections according to the volume of fruit already harvested for the season and the estimated weeks that still remain. It is anticipated that California will continue to harvest in earnest through Labor Day, at which point harvest rates will begin to drop off and finish up by the beginning of October.

As part of the survey the Commission also gathered some very preliminary data regarding the 2021-22 crop volume, resulting in a range of 275-325 million pounds. This very early estimate will be used by the CAC Board for budget discussions set to take place during their August meetings.

The summary of the late-season handler survey results can be found here.

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