CAC Hosts Retailer LOCAL Influencer Grove Tour

  • Jul 26, 2019

In support of Albertsons-Vons-Pavilions (AVP) LOCAL Campaign, which features locally grown summer fruits and vegetables in 352 Southern California locations, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) hosted an AVP LOCAL Influencer Grove Tour. The tour took place on June 11 at Rancho Santo Tomas in Valley Center, California, providing CAC and AVP with the opportunity to partner on creating content to increase awareness and encourage sales of California avocados at AVP.

As a sponsor of AVP’s LOCAL campaign, CAC worked closely with Brandon Matzek, an AVP   influencer, during the tour. Brandon, from, met California avocado growers Mike Sanders and Chris Ambuul and was filmed in the grove by a videographer to generate content for his blog and AVP’s social media accounts. Brandon was joined by Jennifer Lahotski, AVP social media manager, and Jackie Johnson, AVP produce buyer, as well as Connie Stukenberg, CAC retail marketing director, and Zac Benedict, CAC online marketing director.

During the tour, attendees learned about the nutritional value of “Cooking Like a Californian,” the nick-and-peel avocado cutting method, some highlights of CAC’s social media and what it takes to grow fresh, premium California avocados. California avocado growers Mike Sanders and Chris Ambuul were photographed in the groves and filmed discussing how they nurture the Golden State fruit.

The attendees shared what they learned about California avocados on AVP’s social media channels, while AVP  influencer Brandon Matzek shared his in-grove video and California avocado insights on his blog and social channels.

Kathleen Johnson of PJ/PR demonstrated the nutritional value of “Cooking Like a Californian.”

A videographer filmed CAC and AVP Influencer Brandon Matzek in the groves of Rancho Santo Tomas to generate footage Brandon could share with his fans and AVP consumers.

Mike Sanders and Chris Ambuul talking about what goes into growing California avocados.

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