CAC Assessing Interest in Laurel Wilt Florida Avocado Tour

  • Aug 13, 2019

From July 29 to August 2, 2019, a group of six researchers and extension agents from the University of Florida visited California and delivered a series of seminars on laurel wilt. Laurel wilt is a deadly fungal pathogen of avocados that has been spreading across the southeastern United States since the early 2000s. This group of researchers has been receiving Federal funding to research this pathogen, its ambrosia beetle vector, and develop control strategies for the disease. Laurel wilt kills avocado trees in a matter of weeks and there is no known resistance to it.

During one of the group seminars, one of the participants proposed having a tour in Florida for California growers to see the effects of this disease firsthand and learn more about how it’s being managed. The California Avocado Commission (CAC) would like to hear from growers concerning whether they would be interested in participating in such a tour. CAC would coordinate the tour, but each grower would be responsible for their own expenses, including travel to Florida.

If you are interested in taking part in a laurel wilt tour in Florida, please email Tim Spann at to indicate your interest by September 15, 2019. Once the level of interest among growers is known, we will begin discussions with those interested and the Florida researchers to find a date for the tour that would work best for the majority of those who expressed interest in the tour.   

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