CAC’s Registered Dietitian Nutrition Ambassadors Share Tasty Recipes and Usage Ideas with California Avocado Fans

  • May 19, 2017

The California Avocado Commission’s (CAC) team of Registered Dietitian Nutrition Ambassadors (RDNAs) kicked off a series of informational media activities in April that will continue throughout the California avocado season. The Ambassadors’ appearances provide the Commission with a means of engaging with consumers via a trusted third party. These respected RDNA personalities share important nutrition information about California avocados while promoting the superiority and exclusive seasonal availability of the locally grown fruit.

RDNA Katie Ferraro kicked off the California avocado season with a guest blog post on The Scoop. The blog, titled “California Avocados as a Perfect First Baby Food,” discussed the new trend toward baby-led weaning in which complementary foods are introduced to babies around six months of age to provide babies with nutrients. The post, which included photos and two videos, outlined the nutritional benefits of California avocados, why the texture and flavor of avocados make them a perfect first solid food for babies and tips concerning how to serve avocados to babies. The Scoop blog post netted 70,000 impressions and gathered another 120,000 impressions after Katie promoted the blog post on her Instagram page. In addition, it is a website traffic generator for as long as it lives on On May 10, she appeared on Sac & Co ABC10 (Sacramento) in a “Get Your Diet in Summer Shape” segment, where she promoted the nutritional benefits of locally grown California avocados.

Bonnie Taub-Dix, another CAC RDNA, appeared in a national FOX news segment to discuss celebrating Cinco de Mayo with California avocados. The TV segment was distributed to more than 200 FOX affiliates. Bonnie promoted her appearance in two posts to her 1,632 Instagram followers. On May 10, Bonnie’s blog “Why Fiber Should be Your BFF” appeared on The Scoop blog along with the recipe she created for the Commission, Creamy Avocado Pesto Pasta.

On May 11, RDNA Michelle Dudash appeared on Arizona Midday in a segment called, “Fresh Summer Recipes that Keep You Cool and Satisfied.” During the segment, she demonstrated how easy it is to prepare Asian Brown Rice Noodle Salad with California Avocados — a recipe she created for the Commission. Michelle’s appearance garnered 10,000 impressions. She also shared the recipe on her blog and linked it to her Facebook page as well. 

Katie Ferraro’s guest blog post on The Scoop provided parents with a tasty and nutritious first solid baby food option — California avocados.

Because of their flavor and texture, Katie Ferraro believes California avocados are a great supplementary option for babies weaning off breast milk or formula.

Bonnie Taub-Dix recipe for "Creamy Avocado Pesto Pasta" was featured on The Scoop blog with her article, “Why Fiber Should be Your BFF”.

Michelle Dudash prepared Asian Brown Rice Noodle Salad with California Avocados on a TV segment that earned 10,000 impressions.

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