CAC’s Instagram Stories Share Fallbrook Avocado Festival Experience with California Avocado Fans

  • May 10, 2017

The California Avocado Commission (CAC) has sponsored the Fallbrook Avocado for a number of years to engage one-on-one with California avocado fans. The tradition continued on April 23 on Main Street in downtown Fallbrook.  

CAC Board members Leo McGuire, John Burr and Ryan Rochefort joined CAC staff and California avocado grower Charley Wolk in the Commission’s booth. About 80,000 people attended the festival this year, and fans flocked to the booth to gather new California avocado recipes and nutrition information as well as ask questions about growing avocados.

This year the Commission broadened the reach of the Fallbrook Avocado Festival by sharing the experience with California avocado fans — both those at the event and those unable to attend — using the new Instagram story tool. This social media tool provided the Commission a means of connecting with California avocado fans in real time, sharing a slideshow of photos and videos throughout the day. As a result, the Commission garnered more than 30,000 organic (unpaid) impressions on Instagram during the Fallbrook Festival.

Leo McGuire, David Cruz, John Burr and Charley Wolk answer fans’ questions about growing and preparing California avocados.

Ryan Rochefort and April Aymami spoke with people who have California avocado trees about backyard growing tips.

As part of its sponsorship, CAC was presented with this banner.

CAC’s Instagram fans were treated to photos of California avocado fan paraphernalia from the 31st Annual Fallbrook Avocado Festi

As part of its Instagram story, CAC shared a photo of this ‘Queen’ variety avocado as seen at the Sunshine Properties booth.

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