CAC’s Early Summer Social Media Campaign Garners More than 5 Million Impressions

  • Jun 26, 2018

As the California avocado season progressed from spring to early summer, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) alerted targeted consumers to the availability of their favorite fruit, offered refreshing summer-centric recipes and shared relevant and interesting avocado information on its social media platforms.

On social, the Commission celebrated the seasonality and California growing locale of the fruit with compelling social media posts that tied into trending global conversations. As people around the world eagerly awaited the Royal Wedding, CAC issued a tongue-in-cheek Facebook video invitation to Californian Meghan Markle — offering to host the Royal Wedding in a picturesque California avocado grove. The Commission’s Royal Wedding social media posts showcasing the beauty of California avocado groves and the premium nature of their fruit garnered more than 1 million social media impressions and 364,000 video views.

To build awareness around the unique seasonality of California avocados, CAC shared California avocado grove beauty shots accompanied by informative text about the fruit’s maturation and harvest. Instagram fans were treated to mouth-watering, luscious photos of freshly-halved California avocados that clearly demonstrated the fruit’s premium quality.

The Commission’s social media channels were ripe with California avocado recipe posts encouraging consumers to enjoy fresh California avocados while they are in season. Hungry and inspired, fans could easily locate California avocado retailers by accessing the Commission’s store locator tool, which was frequently showcased on all of CAC’s social media platforms.

From April through early June, the Commission’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts about the premium quality, versatility and seasonality of the fruit generated more than 5 million impressions.

Beautiful grove footage with a compelling and comic narrative highlighted the premium nature and unique locale of California avocados while tying into a trending Royal Wedding social media conversation.

The Commission’s Facebook fans respond positively to educational information about California avocados.

Providing consumers with store location information helps build brand awareness and makes it easy for fans to find their favorite fruit.

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