Big Game Promotions Showcase Early Season California Avocados

  • Feb 21, 2017

The Hass Avocado Board reported that more than 126.8 million pounds of avocados were consumed for Big Game festivities. In preparation for the event — and to build awareness of availability of California avocados at select retailers — the California Avocado Commission (CAC) conducted contests in Gelson’s and Mollie Stone’s stores during the three weeks leading up to the game.

Twenty-five Gelson’s stores in Southern California, and nine Mollie Stone’s stores in the Northern California Bay Area, participated in the contests. Presented with a unique sales opportunity, retailers utilized their creative talents to showcase California avocados. Displays featuring football goal posts, California-branded POS and cross-merchandising inspired consumers to select early-season California avocados for Big Game parties. CAC supported the promotions with geo-targeted Facebook and Twitter posts that encouraged premium grocery shoppers to seek California avocados at participating stores.

CAC’s customer-specific Big Game Day social media posts garnered more than 95,000 impressions and CAC’s Big Game promotions resulted in sales increases for participating accounts.

The Greenbrae Mollie Stone’s location featured California avocados and produce used to make fresh guacamole.

Football goal posts and cross-promotional products were utilized at the Mollie Stone’s store located in Twin Peaks.

A Big Game Day California avocado promotion at Gelson’s in Westlake Village.

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