Best Practices for Applying ProGibb LV Plus®

  • Feb 13, 2020

Spring is the ideal time to apply ProGibb LV Plus,® a low volatile organic compound formulation designed to increase avocado fruit size and yield. Following are best practice for applying the plant growth regulator to California avocado groves.


  • Apply the foliar spray in spring during the cauliflower stage of inflorescence development, when 50 percent of the inflorescences on 50 percent of the trees are at this stage
  • If you cannot time your application as noted above, it is better to make a slightly late application
  • Do not apply when the majority of trees are in full bloom as the applications will not be effective

Spray Volume

  • The maximum allowable dose is 25 g active ingredient/acre for all modes of application; doses above or below this are not effective
  • If applied like a pesticide spray, focus on spraying the developing inflorescences and avoid run-off
  • For ground applications, use a spray volume of 100 gallons of water/acre and avoid run-off
  • For aerial applications, use 75 gallons of water/acre


  • Ground application: 12.5 fluid ounces ProGibb LV Plus® in 100 gallons of water/acre
  • Aerial application: 12.5 fluid ounces ProGibb LV Plus® in 75 gallons of water/acre

pH of Spray Solution

  • The ideal final pH of the spray solution should be between 5.5 – 6.0, thus the pH of water should be adjusted accordingly

Wetting Agent

  • Widespread Max® or Silwett L-77® at a final concentration of 0.05 percent is ideal as a wetting agent; similar organosilicone type surfactants can be used as well

For additional information concerning the application of ProGibb LV Plus,® read this article from the Spring 2019 issue of From the Grove.

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