Avocado Laurel Wilt Ambrosia Beetle Online Workshop

  • Jan 27, 2021

On Thursday, February 11, University of Florida researchers will host an online Avocado Laurel Wilt and Red Bay Ambrosia Beetle Workshop from 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Pacific time. The event will provide updates concerning basic and applied LW-AB research and how this pest-disease complex impacts avocado production.

Attendance is limited, so interested persons are encouraged to register early.

The scheduled speakers and topics are as follows:

  • Jeff Wasielewski — Welcome, logistics and purpose
  • Jonathan Crane — Brief history and background of LW-AB avocado epidemic
  • Jeffrey Rollins — Insights into R. lauricola  pathogenicity and colonization
  • Daniel Carrillo — Ambrosia beetle biology and management
  • Octavio Menocal — A case of plasticity in the symbiotic associations of Xyleborus bispinatus
  • Romina Gazis — Current and novel approaches for the control of Laurel Wilt
  • Pedro Pablo Parra — New diagnostic tools and their application in surveillance programs
  • Bruce Schaffer — Laurel wilt susceptibility of avocado rootstocks and scions in relation to physiology, stem anatomy and ecotype
  • Freddy Ballen — Economic impact of laurel wilt: looking back and forward
  • Lukas Stelinski and Xavier Martini — Pesticide alternatives for ambrosia beetle management: challenges and opportunities
  • Kirsten Stelinski — Ambrosia beetle microbial communities associated with R. lauricola

The event will include periodic question and answer sessions, as well as a break for lunch.

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