Avocado Decision Support Tools Available to California Growers

  • Feb 18, 2019

The California Avocado Commission (CAC) is pleased to announce that the avocado decision support tools (DST) are once again available online for California avocado growers to access. The DSTs are statistical models — accessible through a user-friendly website — that have been developed to help guide growers through decisions about fertilization to maximize yield. In addition, the system includes an irrigation calculator to help you plan and track your irrigation. The DSTs are available to all California avocado growers.

To access the DST system please visit www.CaliforniaAvocadoGrowersDST.com. You will need your CAC grower ID number to create an account the first time you access the system. If you do not know your grower ID number, please contact CAC at 949.341.1955. If you created an account while the system was briefly active last summer, your login credentials are still valid, and you can login and pick up where you left off. We greatly appreciate your patience as we worked through our technical difficulties in launching the DSTs.  

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